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Quality care in the serene surroundings of Surrey. Our Surrey clinic is located in Esher and specialises in both varicose veins treatment and thread vein removal.
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13 Church St, Esher KT10 8QS
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30 weeks

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0-3 weeks

What our patients say

"Well looked after by all staff. Good explanations from both the doctor and nurse".
Cynthia Ascot
"The overall impression has been very good. I felt very safe throughout the entire treatment process".
“Now I can work full-time gain and go for a walk, which I haven’t done since the summer. Now, a new life will begin“.
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Results from previous patients we have helped

"The overall impression has been very good. I felt very safe throughout the entire treatment process".
“You get a very good treatment here and the consultation and treatment process made me feel very welcome”.
“Now I can work full-time gain and go for a walk, which I haven’t done since the summer. Now, a new life will begin“.
About us
UK Vein Care
Nordic Health Group is a specialised Nordic healthcare provider who contributes to a higher quality of life amongst our patients. Nordic Health Group offers high quality medical and surgical healthcare services through its specialised clinics.
We believe it is adamant to operate within specialised areas, where we can focus on the things we are best at. For us, this is what it means when we say that Nordic Health Group is "Improving quality of life through specialised healthcare".


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Meet our medical team

Get to know our vein specialists before your visit

Gary Maytham

Vascular Surgeon
GMC no.
Mr. Gary Maytham is a highly experienced Consultant Vascular Surgeon based in London. He specialises in treating varicose veins, peripheral vascular disease, abdominal aortic aneurysms, carotid artery disease, and diabetic foot conditions. His career includes notable roles such as the Care Group Lead at St George's Hospital's Vascular Institute and Clinical Lead for Vascular Trauma at the Major Trauma Centre. Educated at the University of Witwatersrand, South Africa, he furthered his training in the UK, earning an MPhil from the University of Sheffield. Mr. Maytham is also active in surgical training and has contributed to medical literature and international presentations, particularly in venous disease management.
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Simple no-tricks pricing

Become varicose vein free: We offer full treatment at a fixed and transparent price regardless of the treatment method. With us, there are no hidden fees.
Treatment options
One Leg
Both Legs
Complete Varicose Vein Treatment
One leg
Both Legs*
  • Unique treatment plan for each patient
  • Full treatment of all veins including main veins and superficial veins based on unique treatment plan
  • Performed by Vascular Surgeons
  • EVLA (Laser), Sclerotherapy (Foam), Phlebectomies, or a combination of one or more of them
  • Treatment guarantee of main veins up to one year
  • Free of charge checkup for peace of mind
Superficial Vein Removal
One leg
Both Legs*
If you had varicose vein treatment in the past and had your main veins successfully closed, but still have superficial veins bothering you, this option is for you. In this case, we can remove the superficial veins with Sclerotherapy (Foam), Phlebectomies or a combination.
Spider Vein Treatment
Per session
£495 per session
For patients with small spider veins (tread veins) on the legs. We use Microsclerotherapy as a highly effective treatment method, performed by a Vascular Surgeon.  The price is per session and most patients need 2-3 sessions for the best results.
No hidden fees or costs
Book a consultation
Utilising a duplex ultrasound scan, we accurately diagnose the severity and specifics of your varicose veins.
Ultrasound scan
Tailored treatment plan
Fixed treatment price offer
1 on 1 time with your surgeon
4.9 overall rating
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3 simple steps

Your pathway to beautiful and healthy legs without varicose veins

Learn more about what you can expect before, during and after your treatment.
A couple without varicose veins, hiking
Using a duplex ultrasound scan, we can diagnose the underlying cause of your vein problems and create a personalised treatment plan.
Our specialists fix the underlying cause by using the most effective treatment options.
If necessary, we can schedule a follow-up appointment to ensure that we have achieved the desired results.